CAD Conversion Services

CAD Conversion

We provide CAD conversion in 2D, 3D and in all fields with 100% accurate drawings in detail with, standard layer, (AIA or customized), Dimension, attribute blocks, templates etc, so that the end user can easily make corrections if any in the future and can use the file for xref’ing purpose, for coordination etc. We also accept customization file for standardizing.

What we offer
  • We prepare MEP AS built 3D Revit  model from 2D drawings
  • We do CAD cleanups for MEP engineers
  • We Clean up architect’s new backgrounds and insert into working files
  • We COPY the background files into the XREF folder for their working drawing preparation
  • XREF them into WORKING files
  • Removing all hatches EXCEPT areas showing NOT IN CONTRACT/NIC
CAD conversion services as per Budget

As per our pledge and heading, we do expedite CAD Services at low cost; even the project is small, medium or large. Cadeosys expedite CAD Conversion Services will also ensure to generate standard drawings as per client’s expectations.

Precise Quality

We have hired best-skilled drafters who have good knowledge and experience internationally to handle each project from various countries. Our skillful drafters can prepare the drawings which accurately matches the scope provided by the client.

Project Targets in stipulated TAT

We utilize our 2 shift schedule to meet each project deadlines as desired by the client. When our expert drafters handle CAD drafting of image set from the beginning, the architects & Engineers can use their valuable time to focus on the technical side. At our CAD Conversion Services India, we can also arrange enough resources from our authorized Autodesk training centers, if required.

Beyond your expectation

We can proficiently handle simple work like easy drawing that requires the text copied or the line work; and also the difficult projects that need correlating diverse sets of data and adding corrections  are done manually. Our CAD Conversion Services are on time, high standard with competitive price.

Guaranteed expectations
  • Good infrastructure to handle any sizes of projects
  • Precise quality that you required
  • Expedite dispatch
  • Your desired formats
  • Usage of standard dimensions, fonts, styles as per scale


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Have questions? Request Quote

Get your questions answered right away!